Walkability: Good for Your Investment and Clients

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A number of factors go into determining how successful furnished housing is with clients. Marketability isn’t all down to the amenities within luxury apartments, or how close the property is to the bus stop or the nearest major airport. More and more, corporate travelers are demanding that the properties they rent are “walkable”. If you’re not sure what walkability is or why it’s important to your investment and your marketability to new clients, it’s essential that you learn more.+

What’s “Walkability”?

Let’s start by defining what “walkability” actually is. It’s pretty simple – walkability is a measure of how easily someone can get around an area by foot and reach destinations important to them. These might include the obvious things like mass transit stations and the like, but they also comprise things you might not think about, including:

  • Grocery stores
  • Parks
  • Recreation areas
  • Movie theaters
  • Drug stores
  • Medical centers

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