Corporate housing has emerged as more than just an essential business service for relocated or traveling business executives. Today, corporate housing is a full-fledged lodging solution for everyday individuals who need short-term furnished and even unfurnished housing that has the space and convenience of a home on the road. Some examples of today’s corporate housing tenants include:

Businesses Traveling business executives, relocating professionals, attorneys, auditors, consultants
Education Visiting professors, graduate students, students abroad, interns
Government Legislators, lobbyists, consultants
Home Remodel Homeowners doing extensive remodels on their primary residences and staying in corporate housing during those months of dust and noise
Individuals Extended vacations, family visits, divorcees
Insurance Families displaced due to flood, fire, mold or natural disasters
Medical Traveling nurses, visiting doctors, extended medical visits, families traveling for specialized treatment
Military Individuals and families on military assignment
Relocation More than 40% of typical corporate housing tenants are in the process of a corporate relocation
Sports & Entertainment Professional athletes, traveling musicians, theater performers, movie crews, special event coordinators, reporters, photographers

Published by AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing

Residential Lodging - Relax - Sleep - Live. Not a "Pop-Up"​ Hotel. Exclusive Residential Accommodations. Local - Service - Quality - Choice. The largest corporate housing management company in the world demonstrates service, quality and choice translating into staying power, relevancy and keys to international growth. Locally owned and managed real estate brokerages.

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