Corporate Housing Data?

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What to Know Before Investing in a Corporate Rental Property

If you’ve decided that corporate housing is right for you, here are some important considerations to make beforeyou purchase a property specifically for use as a corporate housing rental.   Evaluate Price Per Bed, Not Square Foot Evaluate the price per bed, not price per square foot.While some people think more space or a bonus …

Investment Real Estate – Home or Condo?

What makes a better corporate rental: a single-family home or a condo? This is the million-dollar question in corporate housing, and it’s just one of the considerations when deciding which type of corporate housing investment property is right for you. Obviously, there are many other factors, too, so do your homework and take a "gut" check to …

Corporate Housing Versus a Traditional Long-Term Rental

While corporate housing can be quite lucrative, it’s not the right strategy for everyone. If you are an investor looking to purchase a rental property, review the following to determine whether you and the property are the right fit for corporate housing or whether the property might be a better fit as a traditional long-term …

Travel – Who Uses Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing has emerged as more than just an essential business service for relocated or traveling business executives. Today, corporate housing is a full-fledged lodging solution for everyday individuals who need short-term furnished and even unfurnished housing that has the space and convenience of a home on the road. Some examples of today’s corporate housing …

Evolution of the American Dream – Real Estate

Investing in Corporate Housing: The 30 Day Stay It is a fact that the middle class in the United States is shrinking according to the Pew Research Center and in today’s fast paced business world job security and longevity are also on the down turn.  In order to take control of our financial future it …

Housing and Talent Productivity

For families especially, relocation is an even more arduous task. With schools, neighborhood safety, and proximity to local conveniences as top priorities, the task of finding the right place could put a strain on your brain and your relationships. And while hotel living may be suitable for one, extended hotel living is not a good …

Walkability: Good for Your Investment and Clients

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A number of factors go into determining how successful furnished housing is with clients. Marketability isn’t all down to the amenities within luxury apartments, or how close the property is to the bus stop or the nearest major airport. More and more, corporate travelers are demanding that the properties they rent are “walkable”. If you’re not sure what walkability is or why it’s important to your investment and your marketability to new clients, it’s essential that you learn more.+

What’s “Walkability”?

Let’s start by defining what “walkability” actually is. It’s pretty simple – walkability is a measure of how easily someone can get around an area by foot and reach destinations important to them. These might include the obvious things like mass transit stations and the like, but they also comprise things you might not think about, including:

  • Grocery stores
  • Parks
  • Recreation areas
  • Movie theaters
  • Drug stores
  • Medical centers

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Look into These 3 Factors Before Deciding to Purchase an Investment Condo

Real estate investment can be very profitable but be sure to look into these three factors before you decide to purchase a condo instead of a single family home. On the one hand, condos are generally less maintenance than homes. On the other hand, if you don't do your research before purchasing a condo without …

Top 7 Mistakes Property Owners Make

In the most recent issue of Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine there was an article titled "7 Costly Landlord Mistakes" by Teresa Bitler. We are going to recap these here to better educate you, the property owner. Hopefully none of these mistakes have been made by you with your rental property(ies). Location matters.  If you …